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Silicate Sensor

precision submersible chemical sensor

Based on advanced lab-on-chip technology, this submersible miniaturised microfluidic silicate sensor performs lab-grade measurements wherever you need them.

sensor photo 2 Aug 2021



Temperature range

0 – 35 °C

Power consumption

1.92 W


0.5 – 500 μM

Limit of Detection

0.5 μM

Sample volume

0.6 mL


RS232 and RS485 for M2M. User programmable via USB and Windows GUI.

Maximum depth

6000 m

high-precision measurements made easy


Laboratory, estuaries, rivers, glacial meltwater, CTD casts, benthic landers, coastal & deep moorings, remote-operated vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, gliders, floats...

Do you want to measure silicate in situ with high-precision?

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We offer bespoke solutions for a wide variety of monitoring applications.
Our sensors can be adapted for your needs, including bespoke sampling strategies.
We also offer monitoring services to make data collection as simple as possible.

A high-precision silicate analyser.

Download the sensor specification sheet here!