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pH sensor

precision submersible chemical sensor

Based on advanced lab-on-chip technology, our precision spectrophotometric pH sensor performs highly accurate and stable pH measurements from coastal surface waters to the bottom of the ocean. Key applications include ocean acidification studies and coastal pH measurements. 


sensor photo 2 Aug 2021



Temperature range

1 to 28 °C  (8 to 35 °C on request)

Power consumption

1.8 W


<0.009 pH


<0.001 pH


7.5 – 8.5


RS232 and RS485 for M2M. User programmable via USB and Windows GUI.

Maximum depth

6000 m

high-precision measurements made easy


CTD casts, benthic landers, coastal & deep moorings, remote-operated vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, gliders, floats...

Do you want to measure pH in situ with extremely high-precision?

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We offer bespoke solutions for a wide variety of monitoring applications.
Our sensors can be adapted for your needs, including bespoke sampling strategies.
We also offer monitoring services to make data collection as simple as possible.

A high-precision pH sensor.

Download the sensor specification sheet here!