We are a dynamic water innovation company based in Southampton, UK

Our mission
To enable reliable and precise water quality monitoring at high resolution and in real time

We are driven by a vision of widespread automated water-quality measurements that assess critical water parameters reliably and precisely at high-resolution and in real time. To achieve this, we provide high performance in situ sensors for scientific, industrial, and environmental monitoring applications: from mountain streams to the deep ocean.

Our sensors are high-performance, cost-effective, and ruggedized.

Our story

Originally developed through fifteen years of R+D at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton(where over 200 prototype systems were built and deployed) the lab-on-chip sensors have contributed to multiple scientific and industrial research projects, resulting in several publications and datasets. These sensors form the core of our expanding product range.

Leadership team


Matt Mowlem

Matt pioneered the application of lab-on-chip technology  to environmental analysis in his role as as Principal Investigator and Head of Group at the National Oceanography Centre

As CTO of ClearWater Sensors, Matt brings a wealth of experience leading the development of cutting edge in situ analysis systems

paul wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson

As managing director


Paul Wilkinson

Alex brings over 10 years experience developing and deploying chemical sensors for ocean and freshwater appications

adrian goodsell

Adrian Goodsell


adrian goodsell

Robin Pascal


Join us!

Are you looking to join a dynamic start-up company that wants to help improve our understanding of the environment and make a difference?

At ClearWater Sensors, we want people to succeed and we know that life is more than just your time at work. We are dedicated to making sure that our employees are happy, healthy, growing, and ready for anything.

We are currently recruiting a Software Engineer – please get in touch to express interest.

Next year we will be expanding our team further, and are interested in hearing from individuals with expertise in chemical analysis of natural waters, particularly with respect to nutrients, dissolved metals and carbonate system parameters.